Club History

The initial formation of the Toukley RSL Club was brought about by the Upper Tuggerah Lakes Sub-Branch. The Upper Tuggerah Lakes Sub-Branch was formed on the 9th November 1948 at the “Holmesville” homestead which was opposite the present Clubhouse by 10 returned men from World War I & II.

On the 24th October 1949 the Sub-Branch purchased the old Wyong Bakehouse for One Hundred & Four pounds, five shillings and with voluntary labour reconstructed the building with suitable additions which when finished was a double frontage weatherboard building on land purchased where the present main entrance to the Club is now.

It included a member’s locker room where their private stock of bottled liquor was there for consumption when needed. This was in accordance with the Liquor Licensing Laws in those days. The official opening of the Upper Tuggerah Lakes Sub-Branch Building was in July 1950.

The Inaugural Meeting of the Upper Tuggerah Lakes Sub-Branch Club was held on the 21st March 1955. The Upper Tuggerah Lakes Sub-Branch Club was then officially registered with NSW State Govt Liquor Licensing board on the 26th October 1955. The first A.G.M. was held on the 6th February 1956.

A new brick building was erected in 1963 and named the Toukley RSL Sub-Branch Club. Major extensions and renovations thereafter were carried out in 1968 and 1973. Further work has continued on the building over the years, with the last major renovations completed in 2016.

In 2008 the trading name was changed to Club Toukley RSL.

In 2020 the trading name was changed to The Ary Toukley