VibrantConcepts is a styling company where Sam’s (mother) old school training and Jordi’s (daughter)

quirky, modern thinking are combined to create a unique styling experience.

Understanding styling and fashion is one thing. Having a super-natural flair for making everyday people look

incredible is another. Once you’ve met Sam & Jordi Woods, it’s hard not to catch their infectious passion for

dressing to match your own lifestyle, personality and charisma. It’s why they have shared the limelight

alongside the likes of Gok Wan, “Fast Ed”, Westfield to name a few for the past 20 years.

Through their consultancy ‘VibrantConcepts’, Sam & Jordi have transformed the lives of thousands 

from everyday legends to corporate giants with their unique styling systems and “down to earth”

approach to fashion and beauty.

Now they are running a “style “series” in collaboration with us (The Ary) so everyone can experience and

enjoy the art of “enhancing our own natural beauty with colour and style’!

Hope you can join us for a “style experience” like no other.